Bihar Board Class 10 English Book Solutions Poem 8 Martha

Bihar Board Class 10th English Book Solutions Panorama English Reader Part 2 Poem 8 Martha – NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 10 English Book Solutions Poem 8 Martha

A. Pre-reading questions:

Answer the questions briefly:

Martha’s Chin Was Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 1.
Have you read any fairy tale?
Yes, I have read so many fairy tales, as for example, ‘Alice in the wonderland’.

Martha Poem Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 2.
Do you find its events as real as in life?
No. I don’t find dream’s event as real as in life. When I woke up from sleep I do not find any real events.

Martha Poem By Walter De La Mare Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 3.
Does it have any logical sequence of events?
Dream is a state of mind in which going on around one seem real… psychologists are of the opinion that a man dreams whatever is not fulfilled in his real life. Regarding dream, this is the logical sequence of events.

B. While reading questions:

B.1. Write True (T) or False (F) for the following sentences:

  1. Martha tells her stories over and over again.
  2. If one watches her eyes, it seems story is told by her beautiful eyes.
  3. Her stories were turbulent
  4. She would sit with clasped hands round her neck.
  5. Martha would tell her stories in greenish-brown valley.
  6. (F)
  7. (F)
  8. (F)

B.1.2. Answer the questions briefly:

Martha Chin Was Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 1.
What does Martha do in the Hazel glean?
Martha usually tells her sweet stories in the Hazel glean. She made the atmosphere of hazel glean fully alive and lively.

Martha Poem In Hindi Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 2.
What is the colour of Martha’s eyes?
The colour of Martha’s eyes is clear and grey.

Martha S Chin Was Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 3.
Who are staring at ease?
Children are used to gaze on her with wonder at ease.

Summer Sun Poem Questions And Answers Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 4.
How do they sit to listen Martha’s story?
They (Children) sit down on the earth with their heads resting on : their elbow and pay rapt attention to her story..

Martha Meaning In English Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 5.
How were half of the stories said?
Her voice, her chin, and her grave lovely head conveyed half the effect of the story which she was telling. The effect produced by her story was that sult not only of the words used by her but also of her physical features.

B. 2. Fill in the blanks on the basis of your reading of the poem:

Like a dream, you dream…..the night.
Fairies and gnomes stole…..
…… the leaf green light.
And her beauty far……..
Would fade as her voice ran……
(i) in
(ii) out
(iii) in
(iv) away
(v) on

B.2.1. Write True (T) or False (F) for the following sentences:

  1. Fairies and gnomes stole out Martha’s beauty.
  2. Like a dream, her beauty gradually faded away
  3. Her voice could be heard until hazel and summer sun and other things faded away.
  4. Clouds in the sky are on lower height.
  5. Our hearts are shocked.
  6. Martha tells her story today.
  7. Her stories have tranquil effect.
  8. (T)
  9. (T)
  10. (T)
  11. (F)
  12. (F)
  13. (F)
  14. (T)

C.1. Long Answer Questions:

Question 1.
Describe Martha’s physical features.
Martha is a beautiful young lady with lovely physical features. She is described here as very fond of children and they too are equally fond of her company. She was a lovely lady with clear grey eyes, slim hands, a narrow chin, and a grave small lovely head.

Question 2.
Is this poem like a dream? How can you say that?
No, the poem is not like a dream. But its effect is like a dream. Children lost all consciousness, as it were, except that of the dreamy at i mosphere of the past to which the stories of martha related. Martha was able to transport her bewitching mode of narration, and thus she revived her them the glories of the fairyland, which were things of the distant past. The children seemed to have been transported to that distant past and vision of the wonderful land of fairies and gnomes.

Question 3.
How does this poem end?
The story of Martha left on the minds of her young listeners. They had then no consciousness (चेतना) except that of the atmosphere (वातावरण) of the dreamy past to which the story of Martha related. Martha had revived (पुनर्जीवित किया) for them the glories of the fairyland which were things of the distant past. They were almost mysteriously (रहम्यमय रूप से) taken to the world of the past and the vision of that wonderland left them mute.

Question 4.
Do you think that Martha and the children enjoyed stories?
Yes, I think Martha and the children both were enjoying the stories. Martha was one such story-teller. She knew how to create an atmosphere of
make-believe. She was keen interested in telling the stories. She used her appearance, her tone, her gestures (चेहरे का भाव) all contributed (सहायता किया)
to the effect of her stories.

And the children listened to her stories with rapt attention. They were enjoying the stories perfectly. They were so charmed that they began to like imaginatively (काल्पनिक) in the world of dreams and fairies.

Question 5.
Martha begins with happy and tranquil note and ends with sadness. Why does she do so? Explain. …
Martha knew how to create a proper atmosphere to make her stories sound and impressive. The characters of her stories, fairies and ghosts seemed to appear secretly through the green leaves of hazel trees and the faint passing rays of the sun. Her beauty seemed to fade away. This is one of the situation of. : sadness. The second situation of sadness is the misty, faded-greenish light in the glen helped the children to believe as if actually the spirits and the fairies were hiding behind the tree

Question 6.
Explain the mood of the poet when he says “Our hearts stood still in the hush of an age gone by”.
This is the concluding line of the poem Martha by. Walter De La Mare. In this line, the poet describes what the effect of the stories of Martha left on the mind of her children (the poet himself when he was a child).

The stories created such a deep impression on the minds of the children that they seemed to be struck with awe and wonder. Their heart stopped beating and became still like motionless clouds high up in the sky. The. silence and wonder of the distant past left them mute with wonder.

Question 7.
Describe the poet’s feeling when he started the poem.
Walter De La Mare has unique (अनोखा)contribution (देन) to English poetry. He can create an effective and haunting atmosphere. In creating such situation, he imagines delicately and fancifully. The poet himself becomes a story teller like Martha. The poem has been written in a reminiscent (स्मृति उद्दीपक) mood. The poet goes back to the world of his childhood and, shows how happy he was then. He longs to go back to the past. This shows his love for wonder and fantasy. This is feeling of the poet.

E.2. Rearrange the jumble words taken from the lesson.
misl, denb, ryou, .rdwo
Slim, round, bend, our, word.


  1. मेरी दादी कहानियाँ सुनयोगी |
  2. उनकी आंखोँ आंखों का रंग हल्का भूरा है |
  3. कहानियाँ हमारे दिल और दिमाग को सुकून देती है |
  4. पहाड़ियों पर बादल थे |
  5. उसकी आवाज बहुत प्यारी है |
  6. मैने एक सपना देखा |
  7. धीरे-धीरे उसकी आवाज कम हो गयी |
  8. हमारा दिल बैठ गया |
  9. हम उन्हें एकटक देख रहे थे |
  10. उसकी आंखो आधी बात कह देती है |
  11. My grand mother will tell stories.
  12. The colour of her eyes is , grey.
  13. Stories comfort our heart and mind.
  14. There were clouds on the hills.
  15. Her voice is very sweet.
  16. I dreamt a dream.
  17. Gradually her voice fainted.
  18. Our hearts sank
  19. We were staring at him/her.
  20. Her eyes tell half of the matter.

Comprehensive Based Questions with Answers

Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow each.

  1. “Once……Once upon a time…..”
    Over and over again,
    Martha would tell us her stories.
    in the huzel glen.
    (i) Who was Martha?
    (ii) What is hazel glen?
    (iii) Why did Martha begin her stories
    (iv) Explain the words : “Would tell”
    (i) Martha. is the name of a lady. She was young and would tell stories to children.
    (ii) It is a depression or hollow hills, surrounding on all sides by hazel trees?
    (iii) This is the traditional way in which all stories of older day’s started. Since the stories related to distant past, their exact period could not be fixed. They were started with a vague denotation of time in the above manner.
  2. Hers were those clear gray eyes
    You watch, and the story seems
    Told by their beautifulness
    Tranquil as dreams.
    (i) Explain the line : “And the story…. beautifulness.”
    (ii) What do you mean by saying” Tranquil as dreams’?
    (iii) Explain the words ” ‘You watch.’
    (i) It means it appeared as if the stories were told by her not from her mouth but from her beautiful eyes, She filled in most of the details of her stories with the expression of her eyes.
    (ii) It means, the stories seemed to have flowed into the heart of the listers quietly, just as dreams creep into the vision silently.
    (iii) It means you keep your eyes fixed on the’eyes of Martha because of the charm in her eyes.
  3. She’d sit with her two slim hands
    Clasped round her bended knees;
    While we on our elbows lolled,
    And stared at ease.
    (i) How did she sit to tell her stories?
    (ii) Find the words from the stanza which mean:
    (a) lay lazily (b) the children.
    (i) She used to sit with bended knees holding them with lean hands.
    (a) looled
    (b) we
  4. Her voice and her narrow chin.
    Her grave small lovely head.
    Seemed half the meaning
    Of the words she said.
    (i) How was her voice?
    (ii) Explain the line: “Seemed half…..she said.”
    (iii) Find the word from the stanza which means: ‘person is quite serious iņ appearance’.
    (i) Her voice was sweet.
    (ii) Her voice, her chin, and her grave lovely head conveyed half the effect of the story which she was telling. The effect produced by her story was the result not only of the words used by her but also of her physical features.
  5. “Once…Once upon a time….”
    Like a dream, you dream in the night.
    Fairies and gnomes stole out
    in the leaf-green light.
    (i) Name the poem and the poet of the poem from this stanza has been taken.
    (ii) (a) Explain : (a) ‘Stole out’
    (b) ‘In this leaf-green light’
    (i) The poem is ‘Martha’ and its poet is Walter de la Mare.
    (ii) (a) Stole out means-Stepped out stealthily without the knowledge of anybody.
    (b) It means-The glen was surrounded by thick hazel-trees, and hence it was dark.

The sun’s rays penetrated (cos’k fd;k) into the glen through small gaps in the foliage (iUkh) and produced a faint light in the
glen. This light being reflected by green leaves looked green.

  1. And her beauty far away
    Would fade, as her voice ran on,
    Till hazel and summer sun
    And all were gone:—
    (i) What happened when Martha told her storics?
    (ii) Explain the following words:
    (a) ran on
    (b) all were gone.
    (i) When Martha told her stories even the face of Martha seemed to
    (ii) (a) Ran on means, continued to ring in their ears.
    (b) All were gone-it means, all disappeared from their consciousness.
  2. All fordone and forgot;
    And like clouds in the height of the sky.
    Our hearts stood still in the hush
    Of an age gone by.
    (i) What does it mean, “All fordone and forget?”
    (ii) (a) Explain like clouds…..the sky”
    (b) Our hearts stood still.
    (i) It means, everything else except the story, having completely vanished from the minds of the listeners.
    (ii) (a) Like clouds……the sky means the clouds high up in the sky look stationary or motionless because of distance.
    The heart of the children also stopped to beat on account of the feeling of wonder and awe left on their mind by Martha’s Stories.
    (b) It means, our hearts failed to beat on account of the feeling of awe and wonder left on our mind by the stories.

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