Bihar Board Class 6 English Book Solutions Chapter 15 Excuses, Excuses!

Bihar Board Class 6th English Book Solutions Radiance Part 1 Chapter 15 Excuses, Excuses!- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 6 English Book Solutions Chapter 15 Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses Excuses Poem Questions And Answers Bihar Board Question 1.
What excuses do you make for being late of absent or not doing a home work ? Discuss some ready made excuses the children often make ?
Children make many kinds of excuses. Some of them are pain in stomach, being sick, headache, toothache etc.

B. Comprehension

B. 1. Think and Tell

Excuses Excuses Poem By Gareth Owen Bihar Board Question 1.
Why was Blenkinsopp late ?
His Grandma died.

Class 6 English Chapter 15 Bihar Board Question 2.
Why was Blenkinsopp absent ?
He was absent for his grandmother was seriously ill and died.

Excuses Excuses Poem Bihar Board Question 3.
Why was Blenkinsopp unable to line up for Physical Education?
His kit was not with him.

Excuses Excuses Excuses Poem Bihar Board Question 4.
Why did Blenkinsopp not put on kit for Physical Education ?
His grandma spoiled it.

Excuse Excuse Poem Bihar Board Question 5.
Who helped Blenkinsopp to put on Physical Education kit ?
His grandma.

B. 2. Think and Write.

B. 2. 1. True or False.

Excuses Excuses Poem Summary Bihar Board Question 1.
Based on the story write ‘true’ or ‘false’ next to each sentence given below.
(a) Blenkinsopp was late because of his fault.
(b) The excuse Blenkinsopp made for being absent for his maths test was his grandmother’s death.
(c) Blenkinsopp really wanted to miss the Maths test.
(d) Blenkinsopp agreed to line up for P.E.
(e) Blenkinsopp used the words “can’t, sir” thrice in the poem.
(a) True
(b) True
(c) True
(d) False
(e) False.

B. 2. 2. Tick the answers to each of the questions given below.

Excuses Excuses By Gareth Owen Bihar Board Question 1.
What’s the excuse this time ? The teacher asked this question because
(a) It was not the fust time Blenkinsopp was late.
(b) Blenkinsopp was late for the first time.
(c) Blenkinsopp’s teacher felt sorry for him.
(a) It was not the just time Blenkinsopp was late.

Class 6 English Chapter 15 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 2.
Blenkinsopp’s kit was at home because he wanted to prove that
(a) It was dirty
(b) Not ironed
(c) Her grandmother was dead
(c) Her grandmother was dead

B. 2. 3. Answer the following questions

How was the grandmother responsible for Blenkinsopp’s coming late ?
Why was Blenkinsopp’s P.E. kit at home ?
What excuses did Blenkinsopp make for his mistakes and negligence?
What is your opinion about Blenkinsopp ?

She had died.
He did not want to bring his kit at school.
For his mistakes and negligence, Blenkinsopp used to make excuses. His excuse was that his grandmother had died. He also made excuses of his teeth problem that he had pain in it and had gone to a dentist.
Blenkinsopp is a non-serious boy. He hates attending the classes of Physical Education. He always makes excuses on being absent on those days. His favourite excuse is that his grandmother died. He always makes this excuse before his physical teacher which irritates him.
C. Word Power

C. 1. Go through the text again and guess the meaning of the following words:

Excuses Excuses Bihar Board Question 1.
(excuse, fault, term, absent, missed, usually)

excuse = to make an apology for.
fault = blemish, mistake, defect,
term = time, period,
absent = not present,
missed = failure to attain.
usually = normally, generally.
C. 2. Abbreviation

P.E.- Physical education
An abbreviation is a shortened or contracted from of a word or phrase used to represent the whole.

Find out what these short forms stand for.

Mr – Mister
Dr – Doctor
Md – Muhammad
Govt – Government
Ltd – Limited
No – Number
Min – Minute
Kg – Kilogram
etc – etcetera
Max – Maximum
D. Grammar

D. 1. Comma and Inverted Commas

Comma is used to separate words from each other and to separate a reporting verb from the reported speech.
Example: I have pens, pencils and books.
She says, “I am a girl.”
Inverted commas are used to show the actual words of a speaker.
Example: “The boy said, “I am a student.”
Titles of songs, books, stories etc. are also put within Inverted Commas.

Example: I am reading, “India Today.” We may use single commas in the place of double commas.
Ex: Have you read ‘Panchtantra’ ?

D. 1. 1. Use commas or Inverted commas wherever necessary

He said I want to buy books note books pencils and pens.
There were lions elephants tigers and bears in the zoo.
Tanzim said I have eaten mangoes oranges grapes papayas and bananas.
Tufail Monu Farhan Rajesh Shivam and Ravi are friends.
He asked what is your father ?


He said, “1 want to buy books, note books, pencils and pens.”
There were lions, elephants, tigers and bears in the zoo.
Tanzim said, “I have eaten mangoes, oranges, grapes, papayas and bananas.
Tufail, Monu, Farhan, Rajesh, Shivam and Ravi are friends.
He asked, “What is your father ?”
E. Let’s Talk and Write

Question 1.
Role play the conversation between the teacher and Blenkinsopp in prose.
The teacher asked Blenkinsopp what was the excuse this time. Why was he absent in the Physical education class. Blenkinsopp said that it was not his fault. Then whose fault was it, asked the teacher. Blenkinsopp said that it was his grandma who died. The teacher said that including this excuse he had said four times his grandmother died. Then the teacher asked, how many grandmother had he.’ Blenkinsopp said, none, sir.

Question 2.
You are ill. Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to grant you leave for two days.
The Headmaster,
M.P. High School, Monghyr.
Through the Class Teacher
With due respect I beg to say that I have been suffering from fever since yesterday.

So, I request you to grant me leave of absence from the class for two days.

Your most obed ient pupil,
Arjun Kumar ,
Class VI, Roll No. 12,
15 th March, 2011

G. Translation

Translate into English

Question 1.

यह गलती किसकी है?
वह किताब किसकी है?
आप किसके बेटे हैं?
यह किन लोगों का देश है ?
हमलोग किनके छात्र हैं?


Whose mistake is this ?
Whose book is that ?
Whose son are you ?
Whose country is this ?
Whose student’s are we ?
Excuses, Excuses! Summary in English
‘Excuses, Excuses’ is a poem based on children’s psychology. The poem is well written by the poet Gareth Owen. A boy Blenkinsopp hates attending classes of physical education. H always makes excuses on being absent on those days. His favourite excuse is that his grandmother died. This excuse he makes four times which irritates his physical teacher.

Excuses, Excuses! Summary in Hindi
‘एक्सक्यूजेज, एक्सक्यूजेज’, बाल मनोविज्ञान पर लिखी गई कविता है। प्रस्तुत कविता, कवि गेरेथ ओवन द्वारा उत्तम तरीके से लिखी गई है। इसमें हास्य का पुट भी है जो बालक ब्लेनकिनसॉप के बहानों पर सामने आता है। यह बालक शारीरिक शिक्षा की कक्षाओं से नफरत करता है। उन दिनों वह अनुपस्थित रहने के बहाने ढूँढ़ता रहता है और उसका प्रिय बहाना है कि उसकी दादी उस दिन मर गई थी। जब चार बार वह ऐसा बहाना करता है तो उसका शारीरिक शिक्षक चुटकी लेता है कि उसकी कितनी दादियाँ हैं ! चार दादी को तो वह मरा बता चुका है और भी दादी हैं क्या उसकी ? यह बहानेबाजी ब्लेनकिनसॉप के शारीरिक शिक्षक को चिढ़ा देती है।
Word Meanings : Excuse (n) (एक्सक्यूज] = माफी । Fault (n) [फॉल्ट] = दोष । Serious (adj) (सीरियस) = गंभीर | Upset (adj) [अपसेट] = घबराया । Physical education (n) [फीजिकल एजेकुशन] = शारीरिक शिक्षा । Dentist (n) [डेंटिस्ट) = दाँत बनानेवाला । Usual (adj) [यूजुअल] = सामान्य।

Excuses, Excuses! Hindi Translation Of The Poem
Lateagain, Blenkinsopp………………………..Dead, sir.
हिन्दी अनुवाद-फिर देर किये ब्लेकिनसॉप ?
इस बार का क्या बहाना है?
मेरा दोष नहीं है, सर ।
तो फिर किसका दोष है?
दादी का सर। दादी?
उन्होंने क्या किया?
वह मर गयी, सर। मर गयो ?
वह गंभीरतापूर्वक
मर गई, सर।
इसे लगाकर चार दादी हो गई तुम्हारी, ब्लेनकिनसॉप ।

और सभी शारीरिक शिक्षा के दिनों में।
मैं जानता हूँ, यह बहुत घबड़ा देने वाली बात है, सर ।
तुम्हारी कुल कितनी दादी हैं, ब्लेनकिनसॉप? दादी, सर?
कोई नहीं, सर ।
तुमने कहा कि चार थीं।
सभी मर गईं, सर । और कल क्या हुआ था, ब्लेनकिनसॉप?
कल क्या हुआ था, सर?
कल तुम अनुपस्थित थे।
वह तो दाँत का डॉक्टर था, सर ।
दाँत का डॉक्टर मर गया?

नहीं सर, एक दाँत ।
तुमने अपनी गणित की परीक्षा छोड़ दी ब्लेनकिनसॉप ।
मैं फिर आगे दे दूँगा, सर ।
ठीक है, शारीरिक शिक्षा के लिए लाइनें लगो। नहीं कर सकता, सर।।
‘नहीं कर सकता’ जैसा कोई शब्द नहीं है ब्लेनकिनसॉप ।
किट नहीं है, सर ।
कहाँ है? घर पर, सर। घर पर क्या कर रहा है? नहीं कह सकता, सर ।
क्यों नहीं? बुरा हाथ, सर।
कौन सामान्यतः ऐसा करता है?
दादी, सर।
वह ऐसा क्यों नहीं कर सकती है?
मर गई, सर ।

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