Bihar Board Class 7 English Book Solutions Chapter 10 The Lost Child

Bihar Board Class 7th English Book Solutions Radiance Part 2 Chapter 10 The Lost Child – NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Book Solutions Chapter 10 The Lost Child

A. Warmer

Discuss the following questions before you read the lesson.

Class 7 English Chapter 10 Bihar Board Question 1.
Have you ever been to a fair with whom did you go ? Who do you go with ? What did you do there ? Were you ever lost in a fair ? How did you feel at that time ?
I had gone to a village fair with my parents. I purchased there many things including toys, balloons, sweets and other fancy items. Once I had got lost for some time but soon I met my parents. At that time when I had got lost, I felt very frightened. .

B. Let’s Comprehend.

B. 1. Think and Tell.

The Lost Child Summary Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
What were the means that people used, to go to the fair ?
Some people rode on horses and bullock carts, others went on foot.

The Lost Child Question Answer Bihar Board Class 7 Question 2.
What sweetmeats were being sold in the fair

Gulab jamun
Class 7 English Chapter 10 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 3.
Name the things that attracted the child.
Toys, sweets, balloons, snake dance, round about.

The Lost Child Summary In Hindi Bihar Board Class 7 Question 4.
Why was the child so frightened when he did not find his parents ?
The child was frightened of becoming lost from his parents and becoming alone.

B. 2. Think and Write

B. 2. 1. Based on the story write true or false in the space provided next to each sentence given below

The Lost Child Solution Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.

The child came to the fair with his uncle
The child was happy when he entered the fair.
The child did not want to buy the balloons.
There were very few people in the fair.
The child’s parents had told him to listen to the flute
The juggler was selling sweets
There were camels in the fair
The child’s favourite sweet was gulab jamun.


B. 2. 2. Tick the answer to each of the questions given below

The Lost Child In Hindi Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
Why did the boy start crying ?
(a) because his parents were not buying him the things he wanted.
(b) because a man had picked him up.
(c) because he lost his parents.
(d) because a snake had bit him.
(c) because he lost his parents.

Question Answer Of The Lost Child Bihar Board Class 7 Question 2.
What did the man offer the child ?
(a) a camel ride
(b) balloons
(c) sweets
(d) a roundabout ride
(d) a roundabout ride

The Lost Child Questions And Answers Bihar Board Class 7 Question 3.
Which of the following, do you think, the child would have felt when he was lost in the fair ?
(a) that balloons fly in the air
(b) that you should not talk to strangers
(c) that having around is more important than toys and sweets
(d) that you should not stare at the roundabout swing
(c) that having around is more important than toys and sweets

B. 2. 3. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words

The Lost Child Summary In English Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
When was the fair held ?
In the festival of spring, the fair was held nearby a village.

Summary Of Chapter The Lost Child Bihar Board Class 7 Question 2.
How were the people going to the market ?
People went on foot, on horses and some went on bullock carts, to the village fair market.

The Lost Child Story In Hindi Bihar Board Class 7 Question 3.
What was the difference between the father’s and mother’s reaction when the child asked for a toy ?
The father looked angrily and scolded his son for demanding the things. His mother lovingly used to draw his attention to some other things in the fair which were not the things to be purchased but only to see.

Summary Of The Chapter The Lost Child Bihar Board Class 7 Question 4.
There were times when the child wanted to stop and buy some things, but he did not do so. Why ?
The child knew that his parents will not buy the things. For this reason, the child would not stop at any shop to buy any thing. He only saw them, desired them and moved ahead sadly.

The Lost Child Question Answers Bihar Board Class 7 Question 5.
Do you think that the child would have found his parents? Give reasons for your answer.
In my opinion, the child would have found his parents.. The gentle man who had care so much for the child must have taken pain to search his parents and let the child be with his parents once again.

B. 2. 4. Rewrite the following sentences in the order in which they appear in the story.

Lost Child Question Answers Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.

The child wanted to ride on the roundabout.
The child entered the fair with his parents.
The child started crying.
A man lifted the child in his arms.
The child was admiring the sweets in the sweet shop.
The child found that he was not with his parents.
The snake was coiling himself in his basket.
The child asked for the toy.


The child wanted to ride on the round about.
The child entered the fair with his parents.
The child started crying.
A man lifted the child in his arms.
The child was admiring the sweets in the sweet shop.
The child found that he was not with his parents.
The snake was willing himself in his basket.
The child asked for the toy.
C. Word Study

C. 1. Compound words

The Lost Child Question And Answers Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
In the text you can find the word ‘fairground’. It is a combination of two words- ‘fair’ and ‘ground’. When used together it means ‘the ground where the fair was being held’. Can you guess the meanings of the following words

footpath : a narrow path.
bullock cart : a cart drived by bullock.
bookshelf : a shelf of book.
pencil box : a box of pencil.
water bottle: a bottle of water.
fish market: a market of selling and buying fishes only.
C. 2. Seasons

In this chapter the fair has been held in spring season. What other seasons do you know of ?

Fill in the blanks with the names of things that are related to the seasons given below :

Class 7 English Chapter 10 Bihar Board
D. Grammar

Read these sentences:

(a) “Will you have a ride on the horse ?” he gently ’ asked,
(b) “Would you like the balloons ?” he asked gently.

The part of the sentences put Within inverted com-mas show that they are actually spoken by the narrators/speakers. So they are in direct speech. They can be changed into indirect speech as follows :

(a) He gently asked the child if he would have a ride on the horse.
(b) He gently asked the child if he would like the ball loons.

Note the changes made in the indirect speech as given above. Now, change the following sentences in direct speech into indirect speech.

He said to me, “Would you like to see the Taj ?”
Hera said to Sona “Can you play with me?”
The teacher said to the students,’ ‘Do you like trav-elling ?”
The child said to his mother, “Will you give me a glass of water?”
He said to his friend, “Have you ever eaten burfi ?


He gently asked to me if I would like to see the Taj.
Heera gently asked to Sona if she could play with him.
The teacher asked to the students if they liked travelling.
The child gently asked to his mother if she would give him a glass of water.
He asked to his friend if he had ever eaten’ burfi.
Let’s Talk

  1. Let’s talk to the shopkeeper

Question 1.
Work in pairs and role play. One of you become a shopkeeper of a shop of your liking. Another can be the customer coming to the shop. Have a conversation about something you want to buy or enquire about with the shopkeeper. One conversation has been given as an ex-ample for you.
Shopkeeper: What can I get you ?
Child: I want a kite.
Shopkeeper : Which one ?
Child: Jaipuri.
Shopkeeper: Here it is.
Child: But it is tom from this side.
Shopkeeper: Oh ! I can change it. Try this.
Child: Oh ! This is great. I will buy this. How much is it ?
Shopkeeper: Two rupees only.
Child: Here it is. Thank you.

F. Composition

F. 1. Your trip to the fair

Question 1.
Write about 4-5 sentences about your experience at a fair.
Once I visited a fair in Gandhi Maidan, Patna. It was a book fair. I saw there many books. I was delighted to be in the world of books. I demanded some story books and my parents purchased the books for me. I was pleased.

G. Translation

Translate into Hindi

There was no reply.
He turned to look for his parents.
They were not there behind him.
He turned to look on either side.
They were not there.
He once again looked behind.
There was no sign of them.


कोई जवाब नहीं मिला।
अपने माता-पिता को देखने के लिए वह पलटा ।
वे उसके पीछे नहीं थे।
वह दूसरी तरफ देखने के लिए मुड़ा।
वे वहाँ नही थे।
एक बार फिर उसने पीछे की तरफ देखा।
उनका कोई निशान नहीं था।
H. Activity

Work in pairs and make a list of the things you can buy in a fair. One has been done for you.
Ex: bangles.
A list of the things that we can purchase in a fair are :

cold and hot drinks
bangles fancy
foot wears
woolen clothes
The Lost Child Summary in English
In the spring season a village fair was hold. People in colourful dresses rushed to the village fair. In the over crowded fair, a boy was lagging far behind his parents for he had been attracted to toys in the shops. His parents call him. Then, he ran towards them. He demanded for the toys but his parents denied. The boy with his parents went ahead.

He was now wanting his favourite sweet burfi, but his parents didn’t allow him. Then, he wanted the colourful balloons and then to see a juggler making snake-dance but he knew he won’t be allowed. He didn’t ask them. But he demanded loudly to sit on the round about. When, he found he was lost. His parents were nowhere. A man saved him to be crushed under the crowd’s feet. He wanted to give the boy everything he couldn’t get from his parents. But, now the boy only cried for his parents.

The Lost Child Summary in Hindi
वसंत ऋतु में एक गाँव में एक मेला लगा था। रंग-बिरंगे कपड़ों में लोग – गाँव के मेले की ओर भागे चले जा रहे थे। उस भीड़ भरे मेले में एक बच्चा खिलौनों की दुकानों पर लालसा से देखने के क्रम में माँ-बाप से पीछे रह गया था। उसके माता-पिता को उसे पास बुलाने के लिए आवाज लगानी पड़ी थी। बच्चा माँ-बाप के पास जाने को दौड़ पड़ा । उसने उनसे खिलौने खरीदने की

माँग की। पर, उसके माँ-बाप इन्कार कर दिये । बच्चा अपने माँ-बाप के साथ आगे बढ़ा। अब उसे अपनी मनपसंद मिठाई-बर्फी चाहिए थी, किन्तु उसके माँ-बाप ने उसकी इस इच्छा को भी पूरा न किया। फिर, बच्चे को रंग-बिरंगे बैलून और साँप का नाच दिखाते एक मदारी की बीन ने आकर्षित किया। पर उसने इन चीजों की माँग नहीं कि चूँकि वह जानता था कि उसे फिर ना सुननी पड़ेगी। लेकिन झूले पर झूलने की इच्छा को वह दबा नहीं पाया और उसने जोर से माँग की “मुझे झूला झुलना है।”

पर उसके अपने माता-पिता को कहीं नहीं पाया। अब वह बच्चा घबड़ा गया। उसे एहसास हो गया कि वह खो गया है। वह बुरी तरह रोने और इधर-उधर भागकर अपने माता-पिता को ढूँढने लगा। वह भीड़ के पैरों तले कुचला ही जाता कि तभी एक सज्जन ने उसे अपनी गोद में उठा लिया । उस सज्जन ने उस बालक को वे तमाम चीजें देनी चाही जो उसने अपने माता-पिता से माँगने को सोचा था। पर, अब उस बच्चे को उनमें से कुछ भी नहीं चाहिए था। उसे चाहिए था अब कुछ तो बस अपने माता-पिता ।

The Lost Child Hindi Translation of The Chapter
बसंत ऋतु के अवसर पर एक मेला लगा हुआ था। रंग-बिरंगे कपड़े पहने हुए पुरुषों, स्त्रियों और बच्चों की एक बड़ी भारी भीड गाँव में लगे मेले – के स्थान की ओर भागी जा रही थी। कुछ लोग पैदल चल रहे थे, कुछ लोग . तो घोड़ों पर जा रहे थे, कई लोग बैलगाड़ियों पर चले जा रहे थे। मेला घूमने के उत्साह से भरा हुआ एक लड़का दौड़कर अपने माँ-बाप के पास पहुंचा। वह मेले में लगी खिलौनों की दूकानों पर रखे हुए खिलौनों पर अपनी आँखें अब भी लगाए हुए था।

“आओ बेटे आओ।” उसके माता-पिता उसे आवाज लगा रहे थे। उसके पैर तो एक आज्ञाकारी बालक की भाँति अपने माँ-बाप के पास दौड़े जा रहे थे लेकिन उसकी आँखें अब भी खिलौनों पर ही टिकी थीं। वह अपनी इच्छाओं पर काबू नहीं रख पाया ] जबकि वह इसका परिणाम जानता था कि उसे ना ही सुनने को मिलेगा। फिर भी वह अपने माता-पिता के सामने . गिड़गिड़ाया, मुझे वह वाला खिलौना ले दो ना!” .

उसके पिता ने उसकी ओर क्रोध भरी निगाहों से देखा जबकि उसकी माँ उसकी माँग से भावुक हो गयी थी। उसने अपने बेटे का ध्यान उन खिलौनों की ओर से भटकाने के लिए प्यार से कहा

“देखो बेटा, वह सामने क्या नजर आता है।” माँ की ममतामयी आवाज और चेहरे को देख उस लड़के के मन में खिलौने न मिलने से जो दुःख और खीझ के भाव उत्पन्न हुए थे, वह शीघ्र ही समाप्त हो गया। अब वह अपने सामने दिख रहे नजारे को देखने में मग्न हो गया। – उसने देखा कि कई रास्तों पर से होकर भारी भीड़ मेले की ओर बढ़े जा रही थी। भीड़ के उस रैले को देख वह सहम गया । उफ ! कितनी बड़ी भीड़ है! – मेले में घुसते ही एक मिठाई की दुकान पर मिठाई बेचने वाला चिल्ला

मेले में घुसते ही एक मिठाई की दूकान पर मिठाई बेचने वाला चिल्ला रहा था.. “गुलाब जामुन, रसगुल्ले, बर्फी, जलेवियाँ ।” बच्चे ने उन मिठाइयों की ओर लालच भरी निगाहों से देखा, वह बुदबुदाया, “मझे वह बर्फी चहिए।” लेकिन उसे पता था कि उसकी इस मांग की भी पूर्ति नहीं की जायेगी। इसी कारण वह बगैर उत्तर की प्रतीक्षा किए बढ़ चला।

एक बैलुन वाला अपने डंडे पर रंग-बिरंगे बैलून लिए खड़ा था लाल, पीले, हरे और बैंगनी रंगों के वे बैलून डंडे से टंगे हवा में लहरा रहे थे। उस.. लड़के का मन उन बैलूनों को देखकर मचलने लगा। चाहा तो उसका मन कि ये सारे बैलून ले ले। लेकिन उसे पता था कि उसके माता-पिता कहेंगे कि वह बड़ा हो गया है। बैलून का उसको क्या काम ! अच्छा है, इन बैलूनों को भूल ही जाना। यह सोचते हुए वह आगे बढ़ गया।

आगे उस बालक ने देखा कि एक सँपेरा बीन बजाकर साँप का खेल दिखा रहा है। साँप टोकरी में कुंडली मारकर बैठा था। फिर उस साँप ने अपना फन एक हँस की गर्दन की तरह मोड़कर उठाया। उसी समय उस बालक को याद आया कि उसके माता-पिता ने उसे ऐसे घटिया संगीत सनने को मना किया था। इसलिए वह आगे की ओर बढ़ चला।

वहाँ एक झूला देखा उसने । कई स्त्री-पुरुष और बच्चे हँसते हुए उस झूले का आनन्द ले रहे थे और रह-रहकर आनन्द के मारे चीख भी रहे थे। बालक का मन खिल गया और उसके चेहरे पर मुस्कान आ गयी।

, फिर तो वह लड़का जोर से जिद करने लगा -“मैं झूला झूलना चाहता हूँ मम्मी, पापा!” पर कोई जवाब नहीं मिला उसे । वह लड़का अपने माँ-पिता को देखने के लिए इधर-उधर घूमा लेकिन वे उसे नहीं दिखे । वह इधर-उधर उनको देखने के लिए मुड़ा-वे कहीं नहीं थे। वह पीछे पलटा-वे वहाँ भी नहीं थे। उनका कोई चिह्न नहीं था। अचानक भयभीत होते हुए वह जोरों से चीख पड़ा और अब वह उस भीड़ में कुचला ही जाता कि एक व्यक्ति ने झुककर उसे ऊपर उठा लिया। वह उससे पूछा, “तुम कैसे आए हो यहाँ? किसके बेटे हो तुम?”

यह सुनकर बच्चा और भी जोरों से रोने लगा “मुझे मेरी माँ चाहिए, मुझे मेरे पिता चाहिए। मुझे उनके पास पहुँचा दो।” – वह आदमी उसे झूले के पास ले गया और उससे बोला “तुम यह वाला, घोड़े वाला झूला झूलोगे।” यह सुन वह लड़का और भी कसकर रोने लगा। : “उस संगीत को सुनो, बच्चे !” उसने उस सँपेरे के पास पहुँच लड़के से कहा । पर लड़के ने अपनी ऊँगलियों से अपने कानों को बंद कर लिया। – “वह बैलून लोगे?” वह व्यक्ति प्यार से पूछा । लेकिन बच्चा रोता ही रहा। “कौन-सी मिठाई खाओगे बच्चे?” वह व्यक्ति पूछा।

उस लड़के ने मिठाई की दुकान से अपनी नजर हटा ली और सिर्फ रोता रहा, “मुझे मेरी माँ चाहिए, मुझे मेरे पिता चाहिए।

The Lost Child Glossary

Brimming [ब्रिमिंग] = भरा हुआ होना । Pace [पेस] = चलने की गति । Lagged [लैग्ड] = पिछड़ जाना । Desire [डिजायर] = अभिलाषा, इच्छा । Pleasure [प्लेजर) = आनंद, हर्ष, खुशी । Begged |बेग्ड) = भीख मांगना । Tender [टेन्डर) = ममतापूर्ण । Faint [फेन्ट] = अस्पष्ट, धुंधला । Disguest [डिजगस्ट] = चिढ़ | Eager [इगर) = इच्छुक, उत्सुक । Glory [ग्लोरी] = प्रशंसा, प्रसिद्धि | Juggler [जगलर] = जादूगर | Coarse [कोर्स] = घटिया । Fierce [फीयर्स] = उत्तेजित, भयानक । Sobbed [सॉब्ड] = सिसकना । Spring [स्प्रिंग] = बसंत ऋतु । Crowd [क्राउड] = भीड़। Fair [फेयर] = मेला

Attracted [अट्रैक्टेड) = आकर्षित होना । Hurried [हरीड] = जल्दी किया । Call [कॉल] = पुकार | Control [कन्ट्रोल] = नियंत्रण । Desire [डिजायर] = इच्छा । Stare [स्टेयर] = घूरना । Refusal [रिफ्यूजल] = इन्कार | Angrily [एंग्रिली] = गुस्से से | While [व्हाइल] = जबकि । Unfulfilled [अनफुलफिल्ड] = अतृप्त, अपूर्ण, पूरा न किया हुआ। Festival [फेस्टिवल] = पर्व, त्योहार । Disappear [डिस्एपीयर] = गायब होना। Entrance [एन्ट्रेन्स] = प्रवेश | Murmur [मरमर] = बुदबुदाना । Move on [मूव ऑन] = आगे बढ़ चलना । Heed [हीड] = ध्यान

देना। Holding [होल्डिंग] = थामना, पकड़ना । Pole [पोल] = खंभा । Knew [न्यू] = जानता था । Flute [फ्लूट] = बीन I Coil[कॉयल] = कुंडली मारना । Bend [बेन्ड] = मोड़, झुकना, झुकाव । Forbidden [फॉरबिडन] = मना किया । Proceeded [प्रोसीडेड] = बढ़ चला । Farther [फारदर] = और आगे। Round about [राउन्ड अबाउट] = झूला । Swing [स्विंग] = उछाल | Shriek [श्रीक] = चीख | Parted [पार्टेड] = अलग हुए। Amazement [अनेजमेन्ट] = आश्चर्य । Blush[ब्लश] = लजालु । Bold

बोल्ड] = साहसी | Ahead [अहेड] = आगे | Either side [आइदर साइड] = दोनों ओर । Sign [साइन] = निशान | Deep[डीप] = गहरा | Rose [रोज) = उठा। yerk [जर्क] = झटका । Rolled [रॉल्ड] = लुढ़का । Space [स्पेस] = स्थान | Fair ground [फेअर ग्राउन्ड] = मेले की भूमि । Crush [क्रश] = कुचलना । Heard [हर्ड) = सुना। Bending [बेन्डिंग] = झुकते हुए। Wept [वेष्ट] = रोया। Comfort [कम्फर्ट] = आराम | Gently [जेन्टली] = विनम्रता से । Tore [टोर] = फटा | Sobs [सॉब्स] = सिसकियाँ । Lovingly लिविंगली] = प्यार से | Just [जस्ट] = केवल । Sweet-shop [स्वीट-शॉप] = मिठाई की दूकान | Turned his face [टन्ड हिज फेस] = मुँह मोड़ लिया । Only [ओनली] = भाग, केवल । Want [वान्ट] = चाहना, इच्छा रखना । Confusion [कनफ्यूजन] = मतिभ्रमता, व्यग्रता।

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