Bihar Board Class 7 English Book Solutions Chapter 9 These Simple Things

Bihar Board Class 7th English Book Solutions Radiance Part 2 Chapter 9 These Simple Things- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 7 English Book Solutions Chapter 9 These Simple Things

A. Warmer

These Simple Things Poem Questions And Answers Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
Discuss the following questions before you read the poem.
What things around you make you feel happy ?
The simple things around me makes me feel happy. I feel happy to watch a rainbow, to see a bird’s nest, and to read story books. I love eating cakes and pastries.

B. Let’s Comprehend.

B. 1. Think and Tell.

These Simple Things Poem Bihar Board Class 7 Question 1.
Name five things which are simple as mentioned in the poem.
A patch of green, a small bird’s nest, a song of old, a favorite book, a rainbow in the sky.

These Simple Things Bihar Board Class 7 Question 2.
When can you see a rainbow ?
In rainy season, a rainbow can be seen.

Rainbow Class 7 Lesson 9 Bihar Board Question 3.
Name one simple thing from the poem that you eat.
We eat bread.

B. 2. Think and Write.

B. 2. 1. Tick (✓) the correct answer

Class 7 English Chapter 9 Bihar Board Question 1.
What does’a patch of green’refer to ?
(a) a green coloured saree
(b) a small piece of land with plants, trees and grass
(c) a green patch on a shirt

(b) a small piece of land with plants, trees and grass

Class 7 English Chapter 9 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 2.
‘The touch of a loving hand’ refers to:
(a) someone who cares for you
(b) someone touching you
(c) a broken hand
(a) someone who cares for you

Class 7 English Chapter 9 Summary Bihar Board Question 3.
A song of old refers to:
(a) a new song
(b) an old song.
(b) an old song.

Class 7 English Chapter 9 Summary In Hindi Bihar Board Question 4.
A summer shower’ refers to:
(a) Taking a bath on a hot day
(b) rainfall during summer
(c) a hot water bath during summer
(b) rainfall during summer

Class 7th English Chapter 9 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 5.
According to the poem the simple things in life are ?
(a) good
(b) bad.
(a) good

B. 2. 2. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words

Class 7 English Ch 9 Bihar Board Question 1.

Where do the birds make nest ?
What type of water do you like to drink ?
Name five things that you like most.


Birds make their nest in the trees and lonely corners of our houses.
I like to drink pure, fresh and cold water.
I like playing and reading story books. Cakes and pastries also I like the most.
C. Word study

C. 1. Spellings

Put a cross mark (x) against the words with incorrect spellings and then write the correct spelling in the space provided. The words are from the text.

patche – patch
mater – matter
lafter – laughter
favourite – favourite
flovers – flowers
criket – cricket
C. 2. Opposites

Class 7 Chapter 9 English Bihar Board Question 1.
Match the Words with their opposites:

small – cry
life – stale
high – new
laugh – low
fresh – hot
cold – big
old – death

small = big
life = death
high = low
laugh = cry
fresh = stale
cold = hot
old = new
Use the words- small, big, hot, cold, old and new in scenes of your own.

Small – This is a small house.
big – Elephant is a big animal.
hot – I like taking hot tea.
cold – I love to drink cold water.
old – Patna is an old city.
New – I have a new pen.
C. 3. Rhyming words

Say the following Pairs of rhyming words aloud

best (बेस्ट ) nest (नेस्ट ) rest (रेस्ट ) pest (पेस्ट )
cold (कोल्ड ) old (ओल्ड ) fold (फोल्ड ) hold (होल्ड )
high (हाई ) sky (स्काई ) fly (फ्लाई ) thigh (थइ )
Add one word more to each of the above pairs that rhymes with the words in the pair.

D. Grammar

D. 1. Making Comparisons

Read the following line from the poem.
The simplest things in life are best.

In the above sentence the word ’simplest’ and ‘best’ are in superlative degree.

Usually when we add’est’to words like simple, tall, near brave, fine, small, great etc., they are said to be in their superlative form. When we add ‘er’ to them they are in their comparative form.

Ch 9 Class 7 English Bihar Board For example:

small – smaller – smallest
tall – taller – tallest
great – greater – greatest
near – nearer- nearest
Now, change the following words in from comparative and superlative forms:

rich – richer – richest
poor – poorer – poorest
dark – darker – darkest
bright – brighter – brightest
old – older – oldest
young- younger – youngest
simple – simpler – simplest
Now look at comparative and superlative forms of the following words:

Positive – Comparative – Superlative

good – better – best
bad – worse – worst
little – lest – least
much – more – most
Here you see that new words have come in their comparative and superlative forms and ’er’ or ’est’ has not been added to them.

Words of more than one syllable take ’more’ before them in their comparative and ‘most’ in superlative form.

English Class 7 Chapter 9 Bihar Board Examples:

beautiful – more beautiful – most beautiful
intelligent – more intelligent – most intelligent
laborious – more laborious – most laborious
useful – more useful – most useful
Write down the comparative and superlatives forms of the words given below:

difficult – more difficult – most difficult
favourite – more favourite – most favourite
dangerous – more dangerous – most dangerous
careful – more careful – most careful
learned – more learned – most learned
Complete the following sentences using a comparative or superlative form of the underline words:

This building is very old. It is the building in town.
I run fast. My brother runs
than I.
It was a very happy day. It was the day of my life.
It is a very good film. It is the
film I have ever seen.
She has a small house. My house is than her house.
It was a very bad mistake. It was the
mistake I have ever made.
She is pretty. But I am than she.
It was a very cold day. It was the
day of the year

E. Let’s Talk and Write.

Work in pairs. Discuss five things that you like or dislike. Then write five things you like and five things you dislike.

I like playing football
I dislike smoking

I like watching a cricket game
I dislike playing hockey

I like to drink cold water
I like to sing.
I like to jump.
I like to have fun with my friends.
I dislike to waste my time.
I dislike teasing to anyone.
I dislike teasing scolded.
I like my school very much.
F. Translate into English

Question 1.

मैं सुबह में टहलना पसंद करता हूँ।
बच्चों को इन्द्रधनुष देखना अच्छा लगता है।
वह झूठ बोलना पसंद नहीं करती है।
हॉकी मेरा प्रिय खेल है।
झगड़ा करना मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता ।


I like to walk in the morning.
Children like seeing a rainbow.
She does hot like to speak a lie.
Hockey is my favorite game.
I dislike making quarrels.
G. Activity

Language game

Chapter 9 English Class 7 Bihar Board Question 1.
A learner will write a word ’SUPERLATIVE’ on the blackboard.
Now let’s see who can make the maximum number of words from it. The first one has been done for you. PEARL’
Relative, Private, Leper, Up, Super, Tie, Rat etc.

These Simple Things Summary In English
These Simple Things’ is not a simple poem. The poem deals with the real happiness and how to achieve it in our life. The poet says in this poem that real happiness doesn’t rest in big achievements. But its the simplest things in our life, who gives us the most satisfaction and cheer us.

These Simple Things Summary In Hindi
हिन्दी में सारांश ‘दीज सिम्पल थिंग्स’ साधारण कविता नहीं है। यह कविता यह बताती है कि सच्ची खुशो कैसे हासिल की जाती है और इसे कैसे प्राप्त किया जाय । कवि इस कविता में कहता है कि हमारे जीवन में सबसे साधारण चीजें ही हमें सबसे अधिक खुशी और सन्तुष्टि देती हैं।

These Simple Things Hindi Translation of The Chapter
जीवन में, सबसे साधारण चीजें
सबसे अच्छी हुआ करती हैं

हरी-भरी धरती का एक छोटा टुकड़ा
किसी छोटी-सी चिड़िया का घोंसला,
पानी की ताजी और ठंडी चूट,

रोटी का स्वाद
कोई पुराना गीत

ये ही चीजें हैं जिनका
सबसे ज्यादा महत्व हुआ करता है।
किसी बच्चे की हँसी-प्यारी सी,

एक मनपसन्द पुस्तक ।
पूर्ण विकसित होते फूल

एक अंधेरे कोने से आती हुई.
किसी झींगुर की मधुर तान-सी आवाज ।
खूब ऊँची उछलती हुई एक गेंद !
गर्मी में बारिश की बौछार,
आसमान में उगा एक इन्द्रधनुष,
एक प्रेममय हाथ का स्पर्श
और आराम करने को मिला हुआ वक्त

जीवन में, सबसे साधारण चीजें
सबसे अच्छी हुआ करती हैं।

These Simple Things Glossary

Word Meanings : Patch [पैच] = भूमि का टुकड़ा । Matter [मैटर% अहमियत । Favorite [फेवरिट] = मनपसंद | Cricket [क्रिकेट] = झिंगूर | Bounces [बाउन्सेस] = उछलता है । Shower [शॉवर] = बौछार, झड़ी। Rainbow [रेनबो] = इन्द्रधनुष । Nook [नूक] = एक कोना । Simplest [सिम्प्लेस्ट] = अति साधारण । Fresh [फ्रेश] = ताजा । Taste [टेस्ट] = स्वाद । To matter [टू मैटर] = मायने रखना | Laughter [लाफ्टर] = हँसी । Shady [शेडी] = छायादार | Touch [टच] = स्पर्श, छुना । Rest [रेस्ट] = आराम | Life [लाइंफ] = जीवन । Best [बेस्ट] = सबसे अच्छा । Rest [रेस्ट] = आराम

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