Bihar Board Class 8 English Book Solutions Valmiki Nagar

Bihar Board Class 8th English Book Solutions Radiance Part 3 Chapter Valmiki Nagar- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 8 English Book Solutions Valmiki Nagar

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Question 1.
Prepare ‘Do’s’ and ‘Dont’s’ for saving the wild life.
Governments should protect the forests sincerely, Wild animal’s hunting should be strictly prohibited Smuggling of wild animals and their body parts should be completely banned.

Dont’s :
One should not hunt wild animals only for fun. Without any important reason for major cause forests shouldn’t be cut or combed.

Question 2.
Consult an encyclopedia and find out the differences between a sanctuary and a national park. List the sanctuaries and national parks in India.
Sanctuary – Thearea developed by people to protest and encourage the wild birds and wild animals.

National park – The area of land which is protected by the government for people to visit for its natural beauty and historical or scientific interest

Some National parks – Place (State)

Jaggarghati National Park – Karnataka
Nal Sarovar Park – Gujarat
Shivpur National Park – Uttar Pradesh M.P.
Dudhawa National Park – Leh, Jammu & Kashmir
Borivali National Park – Maharashtra
Kanha National Park – M.P.
Corbett National Park – Uttarakhand
Tarova National Park – Maharashtra
Kajiranga National Park – Assam
Hazaribagh National Park – Jharkhand
Bandhawagarh Sanctuary – M.P
Palamu Sanctuary – Jharkhand
Bandipur Sanctuary – Karnataka
Chandra Prabha Sanctuary – U.P.
Manas Sanctuary – Assam
Ghana Bird Sanctuary – Rajasthan
Simlipal Sanctuary – Orissa
Sariska sanctuary – Rajasthan
Question 3.
The meanings of some words from the chapter are given here. Complete the puzzle with the correct words.

Clues across:

  1. definitely, without doubt
  2. covering a large area
  3. feeling fear, frightened
  4. a large area of land
  5. an area where wild birds or animals are protected

Clues down:

  1. the area inside the entrance of a hotel where visitors or guest go first when they arrive
  2. difficult to stand or to move on because it is smooth or wet
  3. a place to which somebody or something is going or being sent
  4. feeling happiness and enthusiasm
  5. living in natural conditions, not kept in a house or on a farm
  6. a very strong feeling of enthusiasm
  7. extremely large in size

Bihar Board Class 8 English Book Solutions Valmiki Nagar 1

Valmiki Nagar Summary in English
Rajesh was a resident of Mumbai. He was a wild life photographer. Wild life had been his passion since his childhood. Once, he had to shoot photographs for the ‘Adventure’ magazine. He went to Bettih in West Champaran, Bihar to visit the wild life sanctuary at Valmikinagar. There, Chhotu guide helped him to know the details of Valmikinagar sanctuary. He told that the place had Sawannah land and swamp and he would find different wild animals.

Valmiki Nagar Summary in Hindi
राजेश मुम्बई का निवासी था । वह जंगली जीवन का फोटोग्राफर था। बचपन से ही उसकी तीव्र इच्छा थी कि वह जंगल के जीवन को फोटे में कैद करें। एक बार उसे ‘एडवेन्चर’ पत्रिका के लिए कुछ फोटो खींचने थे। वह बिहार के पश्चिम चम्पारण में बतिया शहर गया वाल्मिकीनगर अभ्यारण्य की सैर करने । वहाँ, छोट गाइड ने उसे वहाँ की विस्तृत जानकारी हासिल करने में मदद की। उसने बताया कि वहां बिना वृक्ष के मैदान हैं और दलदल भी और वहाँ वह कई जंगली जानवर देख सकता था।

Valmiki Nagar Hindi Translation of The Chapter
Resident (adj) |रजिडेन्ट) = निवासा ! Passion (m) [पैशन] = लालसा, अदम्य इच्छा । Sanctuary (n) सैंक्चुअरी = अभ्यारण्य । Bordering (adj) |बॉर्डरिंग = किनारे सीमा पर का। Adventure (n) [एडवेन्चर) = साहसिक कार्य | Reception (n) [रिसंशन] = स्वागत-कक्ष । Wild life (n) [वाइल्डलाइफ] = जंगली जीवन | Conversation (n) [कनवर्सेशन] = वार्तालाप | Visit (v) [विजिट] = मिलना । Ago (adv) [अगो= पूर्व । Chance (n) [चान्स] = अवसर । 700 (n) |जू] = चिड़ियाघर |

Certainly (adv)[सर्टेनली] = निश्चित रूप से । Destination (n) [डेस्टिनेशन] = गंतव्य, पहुँचने का निश्चित स्थान । Excited (adj) |एक्साइटेड] = उत्तेजित । Extensive (adj) [एक्सटेन्सिव) = चौड़ा, विस्तृत । Owned (adj) |ओन्ड] = स्वामित्व रखना । Really (adv) [रिअली] = वास्तव में। Luck (n) |लक] = भाग्य | Cubs (n) [कब्स] = बाघ के बच्चे । Unlike (adj) [अनलाइक = भिन्न, अलग | Leopard (n) [लेपर्ड) = चीता, तेंदुआ ।Grunt (n) ग्रन्ट] = गुर्राना-बाघ का। Mix (adj) (मिक्स] = मिला हुआ । Savannah (n) [सवन्ना) = बिना वृक्ष का बड़ा मैदान । Swamp (n) |स्वाम्प] = दलदल । Slippery (adj) [स्लिपरी। = फिसलन भरा । Perhaps (adv)[परहैप्स] = संभवतः

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