Bihar Board Class 9 English Book Solutions Poem 5 Sound

Bihar Board Class 9th English Book Solutions Panorama English Reader Part 1 Poem 5 SoundNCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 9 English Book Solutions Poem 5 Sound

9th English Memory Poem Bihar Board Question 2.
Should you cut trees?
We should never cut trees.

Sound Chapter Class 9 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 3.
Name the frees which you have in your school garden.
The trees are mango, guava, peapal, neem and a big bunyan trees.

Poems In English For Class 9 Bihar Board Question 4.
Have you planted trees in your locality? If not, would you do it?
I live in a city. There is no place to plant a tree, so, I have not planted any tree. Yes, I like to do it.

B. Answer the following questions very briefly:

Poems For Class 9 Bihar Board Question 1.
What happens to a trees in the woods?
A tree is hacked in the woods.

Sound Class 9 Question Answer Bihar Board Question 2.
Do the halves express their grief?
Yes, the halves express their grief to each other.

Sound English Book Bihar Board Question 3.
Do they make a sound because they are in pain?
Yes. they make a sound because they are in pain.

Sound Poem Bihar Board Question 4.
Where do the logs go?
The logs are driven from each other and go to different places.

Question 5.
Who knows the predicament of trees?
The wind knows the predicament of trees.

Question 6.
Can all men sense the agonies of trees.
No, all men cannot sense the agonies of trees.

Question 7.
Why does the poet call the songs not song but just sounds?
The poet does not call them songs but sounds because they are the cries of lamentation.

Question 8.
What will be the ultimate end of such sounds?
Such sounds would be choked to death as they would be confined to script only.

C.1. Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
The poet has given a touching account of a tree which has been cut down. Don’t you think that this is a sad poem in memory of a felled tree?
Yes, I agree to this point that through cutting of tree the poet presents a sad memory of a felled tree. The tree which has been cut mercilessly must have felt agonies. Its branches are driven away far off places. The whispering of the logs present its sad plight. So this poem is decidedly a sad poem.

Question 2.
Why has the poet indulged in reminiscences? Has anything ever compelled you to reminisce?
The felled tree has touched the sensitivity of the poet so she goes on thinking. She has become emotional. She saw the sad mood of the tree insight in him. She has indulged herself with the sad tree. It is mind which makes me sad or happy. It is also true that trees eat, drink and breath. They grow like human beings. They also take rest .at night. They enjoy the pleasure and suffer the furies of nature. When they are hacked they must feel pain. So the poet thinks so.
Once I was going to my school hostel. I was waiting for the train. Suddenly a lady came to me and made friendship with me. She called me son. She took me to the canteen and both had a good break fast there. She talked me a lot. When the train came I boarded into the train I looked at her. She was too looking at me and made me see off. That day always reminisces me.

Question 3.
What does ‘the wind know and what the wind blowing a din’ suggest?
The wind knows how the tree suffered when it was tossed. It knows that the tree bore all seasons rain. The wind is blowing and making din. This is to suggest that the wind crying over the pain of the tree.

Question 4.
“Many a man is blunt, so blunt,/ He doesn’t even sense the agonies caught/Even in simple words.” Explain the lines.
The given lines are very suggestive. The poet says that majority of men have got their sensitivity blunted. So much so that they fail to perceive the agonies behind the simple words. In fact the poem conveys that it is because of their blunted sensitivity v that men fell trees.

Question 5.
Justify the title of the poem.
Cutting of tree compel the halves to cry. The wind is also crying over the loss of the tree. The poet also laments such loss and pain. But all these make sound only. The effect is unknown. They fall flat on him as me resounds. Hence, the title ‘sound’ very subtly but aptly conveys the feeling of the poem.

Question 6.
The poem suggests that the writer of this poem is an environmentalist. She is deeply concerned with protecting and preserving the natural environment. Do you agree with it? Write your opinion.
The way of thinking shows that the writer of the poem is an environmentalist and that she is deeply concerned with protecting and preserving the natural environment. She does not want that even a tree should be cut. I agree that she has tried to make us aware of the importance of trees and plant life.

Question 7.
‘A lot of people are insensitive to the agonies of trees’. Comment.
The poet describes the cutting of the tree as if it were duty of insensitive people. The tree is the symbol of Nature and the environment and the poem can be read as a parable on what man has been doing to nature. Man is entitled to exploit the reasources of nature to make a living. But there is no justification Tor exploiting a tree to satisfy his greed. In this sense man does not foci the agonies of a tree.

Question 8.
What is the theme of the poem? Could you suggest another r title?
The theme of the poem ‘Sound’ is the degradation nature has suffered at the hands of modem men who are blunt and insensitive to the agonies of trees. ‘Sound’ is of Nature’s love lover poem which lays bare before us man’s wanton destruction of the environment to satisfy his greed. Another title may be ‘Echo’.

Question 9.
Do trees have souls? Give your opinion.
The great Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose has already proved that plants are living things. They eat, drink and breathe. They grew like the human beings. They also take rest at night. Their green leaves produce all the starch. They enjoy the pleasures and suffer the furies of nature like the human beings. Hence wc can say that trees are alive and have souls.

Question 10.
Imagine yourself to be a branch which has just been hacked out. Describe your feelings to your parent tree.
What happened to me that cannot be borne. It is a matter of regret that I have been hacked. Oh! the pain is unbearable I am fallen on the ground lifeless. I am helpless. I ani dying. My agony can’t he understood by blunt people who have hacked me. I was y.our inseparable part but these rude and blunt people have cut me apart.

C.2. Group Discussion

Discuss the following in groups or pairs:

Question 1.
Trees are our friends; we must not cut them.
Trees play a key role in our life. The people play and refresh themselves in their cool shade. They give us fire wood and fruits. They give us Limber and building macrial. Paper is also tiude of wood. Trees supply oxygen to the alomosphere. They absorb Carbon dioxide. Their leaves produce Oxygen and release ¡milo the air. The green leaves also produce starch. It is an essential pari bi the food of men and animals. The leaves of trees breathe out a lot of water vapour. It helps to cool the air. So it is often cooler under a tree than inside a building. Forest attracts rain. Trees prevent floods. They protect the soil from being washed off. Trees are home of birds. They support to live wild animals as well. Thus it is clear that trees are our friends.

Question 2.
Save trees today for a better tomorrow.
This should be always remembered save trees to day for a better tomorrow children of today will be the elders of tomorrow. Then they will need trees. Thinking this the Indian Government has started a festival. It is called “Vanmahotsava’ or the “Forest Festival”. This festival is held every year in order to make the people realise the value of trees’ in the present period and in future. Large number of trees are planted on this day. The people are apprised of their duty to look after the trees well and protect them from every harm.

Comprehension Based Questions with Answers

  1. A tree in the woods is hacked
    Its branch breaking away
    what do the halves
    whisper to each other?
    Do they moan and groan
    In the heart of their hearts?
    And do these logs driven from each other Reminisce


Name the poem and its poet.
What happened to the tree in the woods?
What pain do the halves feel?
What do the logs do?


The name of the poem is ‘Sound’ and its poet is Rajani Parulekar.
The tree was cut down in the woods.
The halves moan and groan in pain.
The logs reminisce their past life.

  1. Do they remember how the wind tossed them?
    How they got the rain?
    And the blossoms in the spring And the fall in autumn?
    Oh! But the wind knows
    The wind blowing with a din
    In places forlorn Sings such songs.


What does the tree remember?
Which season is mentioned in the poem?
Who knows everything that happens to the tree?
Find the word from the poem which mean ‘Sad state’.


The tree remembers how the wind tossed it.
Autumn’ has been mentioned in the poem.
The wind knows every thing that happens to the tree.

  1. Those songs not all could praise
    Many a man is blunt,
    He doesn’t even sense
    The agonies caught
    Even in simple words!
    What then of these songs
    They are just sounds
    Such sounds as would be choked to death
    If confined in the strokes and coils of the script.


Could all praise those songs?
What type of men are mentioned here?
What does the poet think about the songs?
What will be to such sound?
What is confined?


No, those songs could not be praised by all.
Blunt people are mentioned here.
The poet thinks that the songs are not effective.
Such sound will be choked to death.
They will be confined to the strokes and coils or script only.
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