MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 6 The Kings Choice

MP Board Class 7th English Book Solutions General & Special Series Chapter 6 The Kings Choice – NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Chapter 6 The Kings Choice

Question 1.
Whom did the lion appoint as his courtiers and why?
The lion appointed the crow, the fox and the leopard as his courtiers. He did so for the following reasons. The fox was wise and clever. The leopard was alert and swift-footed. The crow could fly high.

Question 2.
What did the crow ask the king?
The crow asked the king if he had ever tasted the camel’s meat. It was very tasty and sweet.

Question 3.
Where did the king and his courtiers go in search of food?
The king and his courtiers went to a desert. It was some miles away. The camel lived there.

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Question 4.
Why could the lion not go farther?
The lion and his courtiers reached the desert the sand of the desert was burning hot because the blazing sun was shining there. The hot sand had burnt the lion’s paws. There fore, he could not go farther.

Question 5.
How did they return from the desert?
The lion got on the camel’s back. The fox and the leopard sat behind the lion. The crow kept flying. In this way, they returned from the desert to the forest.

Question 6.
Why did the three advisers smile mysteriously?
The lion and the three advisers were tired and hungry. They looked at the camel intently. Then they looked at each other. With their looks they planned to entrap the camel. Therefore, they smiled mysteriously.

Question 7.
What did they plan next?
The fox made a planning. They would make the camel request the lion to eat him.

Question 8.
What did the lion say to the camel in the end?
In the end the lion said to the camel, “You have been loyal and good. You shall be my friend as long as I live.”

A. Read the following sentences and tick true or false

The king was big, handsome, fierce and strong. T / F
A king must not have courtiers. T / F
The lion had four courtiers. T / F
The courtiers never opposed the king. T / F
The lion had never seen a camel. T / F
The hot sand had burnt the feet of the fox. T / F
They were tired and hungry. T / F
I shall eat you one by one in the order in which you offered by ourselves. T / F

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Word Power

A. Use these phrases in the following sentences:
(ran, away, looked at, set off, inspite of, far from)

They ……………. each other.
The king …………………. on a journey.
The forest is not ……………….. the desert.
The lion was pleased ………………. his burnt paws.
The leopard wanted to ………………


looked at
set off
far from
inspite of
B. Write one word for:

person a part of the court of king or queen ……..
a swift-footed animal………
one who advises……..
an area full of sand………
a place of living ………
the ship of the desert ……..
one who remains faithful ……

C. Rearrange the. words to make meaningful sentences:

roared/./whenever/stood/he/in/awe/ they


A king must have courtiers.
A bird can fly high.
Whenever he roared they stood in awe.
It looked big and fat.
The hot sand had burnt his paws.
The forest was far behind them.
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Grammar in use

A. Underline the verbs in the following sentences:

The dog barked at the thief.
The snake killed the rat.
The hare fell into the well.
The hunter shot a lion.
Fish swim in the river.


The dog barked at the thief
The snake killed the rat
The hare fell into the well
The hunter shot a lion
Fish swim in the river.
B. Fill in the blank spaces with suitable adverbs given in the box:

(greedily, unbearably, kindly, happily, mysteriously, slowly, loyalty)

The king treated the animals very………..
The hungry lion ate the food…………..
A tortoise walks ………….
The fox smiled ………….
All the animals took oaths of ……….. to the king.
It was……….. hot.

The animals lived……… in the jungle.

Let’s Talk

Some images of the forest and the desert are given here but they are mixed. Discuss them in groups to sort out and write them separately in the two columns given below :
(green trees, wild animals, dry land, camel, hot sand, date palm, oasis, birds, streams, elephant, deer, monkeys, swinging on trees.)
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter 6 The Kings Choice 1

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Let’s Write

A. Using the following clues, write a paragraph about your visit to a bird sanctuary or a national park.

  1. A national park (name)
  2. it is in……….. (state)
  3. world famous for ………….
  4. besides lions, there are other wild animals such as……….
  5. lots of people come daily.
  6. facility to wander in the forest area (name) ………..
    One day, I visited a national park, Its name is kaziranga national park. It is in the state of Assam. It is world famous for one homed rhinos. Besides lions there are other wild animals such as tigers, panthers, leopards and bears. Lots of people come there daily to see the birds and animals. There is also a facility to wander in the forest area named kaziranga.

B. Write a letter to your friend describing how and where you spent your last summer vacation.

V & P.O. Sadhrana
Distt Gurgaon,
8th July, 2006
Dear Rakesh,
Received your letter just now. I am my describing how I spent my last summer vacation.

I went to my village. There I went for a daily morning walk in the fields. After staying there for a fortnight, I went on L.T.C. with my father. I saw many places of pilgrimage. The sight of the historical buildings added a great deal to my knowledge. I saw many falls, rivers, mountains and seas.

Then I went to the houses of all of my relatives in turn. In this way I spent summer vacation.
Rest when we meet
Yours sincerely,
Sham Lai Vasistha.

Let’s Do It

Discuss in groups of four and collect the pictures of lion, camel, leopard, fox and then write three sentences about each of them.
For self attempt.

MP Board Solutions

The Kings Choice Word Meanings

Page 32 to 35: Handsome – pretty, good looking beautiful – सुन्दर, Fierce – fearful – भयानक, Continued – persisted – जारी रही, Courtiers – ministers/counsellors in royal court – राजदरबारी, Bowed – bent – झुकाया, Alert – smart, agile – चुस्त, Lastly – finally – अन्त में, Oaths – pledges – शपथ, Loyalty – fidelity, faithfulness – वफादारी, Protection – safety – सुरक्षा, Opposed – acted against – विराध करना, Wishes – desires – इच्छाएं, Roared – thundered, granted loudly – दहाड़ा, Awed – fear mingled with respect – रोबयुक्त भय, Fill-full diet – पूर्ण भोजन प्राप्त करना, Remains – left overs – जूठन बचा हुआ, Desert – sandy place – मरुस्थल, Longed – desired – इच्छा करना, Looked – seemed – दिखाई देता था, Advisors – counsellors – सलाहकार, set off – started – चल दिया, Blazing – burning, scorching – झुलसता हुआ, Unbearably – intoserably – असह्य तौर पर, Further – to a more distance – अधिक दूरी तक, Commanded – ordered – आज्ञा दी, Frightened – got afraid – भयभीत हो गए, Behind – on the back – पीछे, Surprised – amazed -आशचर्य चकित होना, Intesently – designedly – उद्देश्य से, Promise – give word – वचन देना, Shocked – hurt – आहत हुए, Disappointed – worried – निराश/हताशा, However – still, nevertheless – फिर भी, Indeed – really – वास्तव में, While – a short time, moment – क्षण, Flesh – fat, meat – चर्बी माँस, Rushed in – dashed – तेजी से आगे बढ़ा, Proposal – suggestion to make offerings – सुझाव, Sacrifice – renounce – बलिदान देना, Really – actually – वास्तव में।

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