MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 19 Bismillah Khan: The Shehnai Maestro

MP Board Class 8th English Book Solutions Reader General & Special Series Chapter 19 Bismillah Khan: The Shehnai Maestro- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 19 Bismillah Khan: The Shehnai Maestro

A) We sometimes affix ‘dis’ or ‘non’ to indicate negation. (Consult the dictionary to know the meanings.)
Example :
appear – disappear
availability – non-availability

Now and either ‘dis’ or ‘non’ whichever is correct to the following words:
Answer :
approve – disapprove
technical – non-technical
believe – disbelieve
engage – disengage
order – disorder
violence – non-violence

(B) Study these sentences and fill in the blanks below with appropriate words derived from the underlined words.
Gandhi is the Father of the Nation. Our nationality is Indian.
(a) We are proud of Lidia’s ancient culture. Children have gone to participate in a____programme.
(b) Kathakali is a performing art. The expressions in a ___of Kathakali are praiseworthy.
(c) Yesterday I had to go to the Principal’s residence. Kishore Nagar is a large___colony.
(d) Herbal medicines are of great benefit. Fried food is not____for health.
(e) 15th August is an auspicious occasion for all Indians. We___get rains on this day.
(a) cultural
(b) performance
(c) residential
(d) beneficial
(e) occasionally

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Answer the following questions:

(i) ‘Ustad was the undisputed jewel in the crown of Indian music’. Explain.
Ustad Bismillah Khan was a great Shehnai player. He elevated the Shehnai from an instrument heard only in weddings and naubat khanas to one that was appreciated in concert halls across the world. He was a matchless figure in the field of music.

(ii) Describe Bismillah Khan as an example of communal harmony.
Bismillah Khan always encouragged commmunal harmony. He was a practicing Muslim, who offered ‘namaaz’ five times a day, yet he had immense faith in Baba Vishwanath, Sankat Mochan Hanuman and Ganga Maiyya. He used to lead the Muharram procession as well as that of the Ganga Puja in Banaras, playing the shehnai while walking. In his opinion, all religions are one.

(iii) When and where was Ustad Bismillad Khan born?
Bismillah Khan was born in Bihar on March 21, 1916.

(iv) Who was his first master to train him as a shehnai player?
His uncle was his first master to train him as a shehnai player.

(v) How did he personify real secularism?
He was a practising Muslim, who offered ‘namaaz’ five times a day. Yet he had immense faith in Baba Viswanath, Sankat Mochan Hunuman and Ganga Maiyya.

(vi) How can you say that Ustad preferred to live a spartan life?
Ustad always preferred to live a spartan life. His room, on the top floor of his house, had only a few things like a cot, a chair, an earthen pot for water and is shehnai.

(vii) Write God’s wish for the shehnai maestro?
God wished that instead of at India Gate, the notes of the shehnai should reverberate at the doors of Heaven.

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Let’s Learn

Study these sentences:

The man who helped me cross the road is my friend.
Rattan works in a factory which produces steel tumblers.
The clauses underlined in the above sentences are relative clauses.

A clause is a part of a sentence. A relative clause tells us more about a person or thing the speaker is referring to. A relative clause begin with ‘who’, ‘that’ or ‘which’, whom and where. ‘Who’ and ‘that’ refer to human beings, whereas ‘that’ and ‘which’ refer to things and animals.

(a) Now match the columns A & B.

Rewrite them combining with ‘who’, ‘which’, ‘that’:

MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 19 Bismillah Khan The Shehnai Maestro 1
A doctor is a person who treats patients.
An architect is a person who designs buildings.
A soldier is a person who defends the country from enemies.
A customer is a person who buys things from a shop.
A tenant is a person who pays rent to live in a house.
A scholar is a person who knows a lot about a particular subject.

(b) Two sentence are given below. Join them using who/which or that
This blue frock is mine. It has a golden border.
This blue frock which has a golden border is mine.

  1. Radha is a famous dancer. She has gone to Jaipur to give a performance.
  2. The Samrat hotel was destroyed by fire. It has now been rebuilt.
  3. There are the story books. You were looking for them.
  4. I have heard your talk. It was very interesting.
  5. I met a woman. She writes exciting detective stories.
  6. Radha is a famous dancer who has gone to Jaipur to give a performance.
  7. The Samrat hotel was destroyed by fire which has now been rebuilt.
  8. These are the story books which were looking for them.
  9. I have heard your talk which was very interesting.
  10. I met a woman who writes exciting detective stories.

(c) Fill in the blanks with who/where/ that/which.

  1. This is the place___I met an accident.
  2. Where are the apples__I bought yesterday?
  3. The speech___the saint delivered yesterday was very inspiring.
  4. Why do you blame me for everything___goes wrong?
  5. We should help people are___ in need.
  6. where,
  7. that,
  8. which,
  9. that,
  10. who.

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Let’s Talk

Imagine that you are a journalist. You have been asked to interview a musician who plays a musical instrument.
You can follow the questions given below and also frame your own questions based on the clues given:
(i) Where were you born Mr Kalra?
I was born in New Delhi.

(ii) Where did you live as a child?
I lived in my maternal uncle’s house as a child.

(iii) How did you get fascinated by music?
My uncle played Sarod. Hence I got attracted to the music.

(iv) Who inspired you to become a musician?
My uncle inspired me to become a musician.

(v) When did you start training in music?
I started training in music when I was a small child.

(vi) Tell us something about your work and performances.
I have played sarod in many programmes.

(vii) In which field of music has your contribution been recognized?
In the field sarod my contribution has been recognized.

(viii) We want to know about the honors received and your important achievements?
Birth, early life, education inspiration, training, work and performance, contribution to Indian music, honors and achievements.

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Let’s Write

Write a letter to a friend describing your close relationship with your grand-mother who is very old and often remains unwell. She tells you stories, but would often prefer to hear one from you. She eats little, and is unhappy about the number of pills she has to take everyday. She needs help in coming out of or going into the room. She is very interesting person.

Remember that you are writing an informal letter, talking about personal matters and sharing your Thoughts with a close friend.
In personal letter, the language you use should by informal, simple but grammatically correct.
Use words and phrases appropriate to the idea you want to express.
11th Oct. 2006

Dear Friend


How are you? I am fine and enjoying great time with my grand-mother, who is a very interesting person. She tells me stories but would often prefer to hear one from me. She is very old and often remains unwell. She eats little and is unhappy about the number of pills she has to take everyday. I feel greatly attached to my grand-mother. May God give her a healthy life. How is your grand-mother? Please write back soon.

Yours affectionately.

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Bismillah Khan: The Shehnai Maestro Word Meanings

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