MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 5 Trees are the Kindest Things I know

MP Board Class 8th English Book Solutions Reader General & Special Series Chapter 5 Trees are the Kindest Things I know- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 5 Trees are the Kindest Things I know

A): (i) The following words tell us about the different parts of a tree. Add some more words.
roots, trunk, branches, , ,
(ii) Write five words which have relation to trees :
forests, wood,
(i) leaves, fruits, flowers, buds.
(ii) fruit, oxygen, timber, furniture.

(B) Fill in the blanks with ei, ie, ea, and ee,
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MP Board Solutions

(A) Complete the following statements:

Trees are useful because , Trees are kind because ,
Trees are beautiful because __,


They give us many things, such as cool shade, fruits wood, etc.
They do no harm to anyone.
they are green and have flowers and fruits in them.
(B) Answer the following:

Question 1.
Can you name two other things which are as kind as trees ?
The earth and the rivers.

Question 2.
Which lines in the poem tell us about the sun and sunlight?
They are the first when day’s begun.
To touch the beams of morning sun.
They are the last to hold the light,
When evening changes into night.

Question 3.
The poet says, “They are the last to hold the light’. What does ‘They’ stand for ?
‘They’ stands for trees.

Question 4.
Write the summary of the poem with help of the following clues:
Trees are the kindest living beings on the earth. They provide cool shade to men and animals. They also give us fruits and wood. They are the ones who receive the light of the moon and the sun.

MP Board Solutions

Lets Read

Read the following poem carefully

The world is finite, resources are scarce,
Things are bad and will be worse,
Coal is burned and gas exploded,
Wells are dry and air polluted,
Dust is blowing, trees are uprooted,
Oil is going, ores depleted,
Drains receive what is excreted
Land is sinking, seas are rising,
Man is far too enterprising,
Fires will rage with man to fan it,
Soon we will have a plundered planet.

Now Answer the following question:

(a) Choose the right meaning of the word ‘finite’:
(i) abundance
(ii) give
(iii) limited
(iv) lacking.
iii. limited.

(b) What according to the poet, are depleting?
According to the poet our resources are depleting.

(c) Which line in the poem tells us about industrial pollution?
Coal is burned and gas exploded.

(d) Which line in the poem warns us that our earth will soon loose all that it has?
Soon we will have a plundered planet.

(e) Look at the meaning of the following words:
eroded – gradually destroyed
depleted – reduced by a large amount
polluted – made harmful
plundered – looted.
Do these words suggest a bleak future for mankind ?
Yes, the above words suggest a bleak future for mankind.

(f) Find out the nouns from the above poem which the poet uses the following adjectives for
dry _ plundered
bad finite _

Odry – wells
plundered – planet
bad – things
finite – world.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

(A) Complete the following lines from the poem.

Question 1.
Trees are the kindest things I know
They do no harm, they simply grow.

Question 2.
They give us fruit in leaves above
And wood to make our houses of,

Question 3.
They are the first when day’s begun
To touch the beams of morning sun.

Question 4.
And when a moon floats on the sky
They hum drowsg lulla by.

(B) Mahek has written a passage on trees but she has forgotten to give suggestions on how to stop felling trees. Complete the passage by giving suggestions to stop cutting trees :

The value with which trees can be best associated is kindness. Trees do not usually cause harm to anyone. They spread their shade for rest, drop down their fruits for us to eat. They give us plenty of oxygen. Trees are selflessly devoted to the welfare of mankind. But we do not realise that we will not be able to live a happy life in their absence. If we keep. felling trees then the value of kindness shall forever be abolished from this destructive world. We must save trees by …………….
We must save trees by promoting afforestation. People as a whole must be motivated to regard the planting and protection of trees as social duty. Educational institutions can instil in the younger generation the need for planting trees. We must keep it one our mind that our existance is bound up with the trees and therefore they must be planted especially on the roadside and near railway tracks.

(C) You are Asma residing at G-203, Palash Colony, Ratlam. Write a letter to your friend Manju, telling him the importance of trees. Use the layout as given below:

Palash Colony,
Ratlam December 15, 2006
Dear Anil,

I would like to draw your attention towards the importance of trees. We all know that trees are vital for all living beings. Without trees survival of mankind is impossible. Trees help in maintaning ecological balance. They give us fruit and leaves to plant-eating animals. Beasts of prey eat the plant -eating animals. In this way trees directly and indirectly give us food. They also provide us leaves and roots which are used in preparing many medicines. Trees keep the environment clean. They also provide us wood, shelter and shade. Trees are really very important. Hence, we mustn’t cut it. I am sure you have the same opinion about trees. Rest is fine.

Your affectionately

Trees are the Kindest Things I know Word Meanings

Page 35 : Gather – collect – इक्टठा करना। Boughs – branches – शकए। Beams – rays – किरणों। Hum – sing with closed lips – गुनगुनाना। Lullaby – a song we sing to help a child fall asleep – लोरी।

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