MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack

MP Board Class 8th English Book Solutions Reader General & Special Series Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack

A) Match the words in column A with their meanings column B.
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack 1


(B) Fill in the blanks with correct words given below :
stretched, handover, scoured, snarled, roared

He _ and yawned lazily. The dog at us.
We the area for somewhere to pitch our tent. She put her foot down and the car away.
The old woman wanted to _
the documents to the police.

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(A) Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
Where did the pair of wolves live?
The pair of wolves lived in a cave in the Seeonee Hills.

Question 2.
Father wolf says,” It is time to hunt again.” What time was it actually ?
It was evening.

Question 3.
What did the ‘Law of the Jungle’ forbid ? Why?
The ‘Law of the Jungle’ forbade the animals to change their quarters without due warning

Question 4.
What news did Tabaqui bring ?
Tabaqui, the jackal, brought the news that. Shere Khan, the tiger, had shifted his hunting grounds to the hills.

Question 5.
Why was Father wolf annoyed ?
Father wolf was annoyed because Shere Khan, the tiger, had broken the ‘Law of the Jungle.’

Question 6.
Where was the Pack Council meeting held ?
The Pack Council meeting was held on a hilltop.

Question 7.
What was the price at which the cub was bought to the Wolves Pack ?
The cub was bought to the Wolves Pack for the price of a newly killed bull.

(B) Who says to whom?

(i) Good luck be with you !
Tabaqui, the jackal, to Father wolf.

(ii) The fool ! To begin a night’s work with that noise !
Father wolf to mother wolf.

(iii) have never seen one, bring it here.
Mother wolf to father wolf.

(iv) He may be a help in time.
Akela, the lone wolf, to Bagheera.

(v) The cub is mine and to my teeth he will come in the end.
Shere Khan, the tiger, to mother wolf.

(c) Say true of false.

The couple of wolves have three cubs.
Tabaqui teases mother and father wolves.
Mother wolf was not delighted to see the man’s cub.
Shere Khan was a lame tiger.
Mother and father wolves were attracted to Mowgli.

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Learn

Read the short story and learn the use of articles.

(A) Once there was a doctor. He was a greedy man. One day an ailing old man came to him. The doctor treated him carelessly. After some days the old man died. The sons of the man seized the doctor. They put him in a dark room and tied him with a long rope. In the night the doctor got loose from the rope. He escaped from the room. On the way he swam across the river also. When he reached home he found his son studying some medical books. He said “Listen my son, the first and the most important thing for a doctor to do is to learn to swim.”:

Now insert suitable articles in the following story and complete it.

_ man decided to rob bank in another town. He went to Town and walked into bank. He handed note to one of cashiers cashier read note, which told him to give _ man five lakh rupees.

Afraid that he might have _ gun, he did as he was told man then walked out of bank. How ever, he had no time to spend money because he was arrested same day. He had made mistake. He had written note on back of envelope. And on other side of envelope was his name and address. The clue was quite enough for _ police.
A, a, the, a, the, a, the, the, the, the, a, the, the, the, the, a, the, the, an, the, the, the,

(B) Go through the table carefully. Then write complete sentences using the appropriate articles as given in the example :
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack 2

Mrs. Nagma teaches students. She is teacher.
Mr. Ashok works in fields. He is a farmer.
Mr. Ramesh sings songs. He is a singer.
Mr. Pawan treats sick people. He is a doctor.
Mr. Kasanya signals the train. He is a station master.
Mrs. Kalpana looks after patientsShe is a nurse.
Mrs. Khalida draws pictures-She is a painter
Mr. Malvia brings letters. He is a postman.
Mr. Sharma makes pots. he is a potter.
Mrs. Alka acts in films. She is an acters.
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Let’s talk

Rinku the rabbit and Matru, the monkey are talking to each other about the Van Mela which is going to be held very soon. Complete the dialogues between the two with the help of the following clues:

(stalls, eatables, swings, other animals, ice-cream, toys, carrots, bananas)

Begin like this:
Rinku: Hello, Matru!
Matru : Hello Rinku !
Rinku : Have you heard about the Van Mela?

Mantru : Yes, I am very excited about it. I will visit it and enjoy swings there.
Rinku : There will be other ani mals too. We will visit all the stalls one by one.
Mantru: It will be a nice time for us. We will enjoy bananas.
Rinku : Why only bananas? I am very fond of ice-cream.
Mantru: OK! We all enjoy in our own way. We’ll buy toys and some eatables.
Rinku : Carrots also taste delicious We’ll buy them too.

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Let’s Read

Here is the menu card of the Jungle Restaurant. On the basis of your reading of this menu card, answer the questions given below.

Jungle Restaurant Menu


Bhelpuri – Rs. 15.00
Aloo Chat spiced with coriander & tomatoes – Rs. 25.00
Crisp samosas – Rs. 15.00
Lassi with strawberry flavour – Rs. 20.00
Lassi with peach flavour – Rs. 26.00
Lassi with mango flavour – Rs. 24.00

Vegetarian Dishes:

Palak Paneer – Rs. 30.00
Fragrant curry – Rs. 31.00
Mushrooms with tomato – Rs. 45.00
Curd Sauce – Rs. 20.00


Mango chutney – Rs. 10.00
Coconut chutney – Rs. 12.00


Kesar badaam – Rs. 80.00
Kheer – Rs. 28.00
Rasmalai – Rs. 38.00
Pine apple sherbet – Rs. 21.00

All dishes are accompanied with (1) Fragrant Basmati raisin pulao (2) Raita (3) Green salad
Seeonne Hills, Pench Dist. Seeonee

Question 1.
Where is the Jungle Restaurant situated ?
The Jungle Restaurant is situated on Seeonne Hills, Pench Dist. Seeonee.

Question 2.
Which item is moderately priced at the Jungle Restaurant?
Mango chutney is moderately priced at the Jungle Restaurant.

Question 3.
Which things are supplied free with all the dishes?
Fragrant Basmati raisin pulao, raita and green salad.

Question 4.
How many varieties of “Lassi” are available in the restaurant? Write their names.
There are three varieties of “Lassi” available in the restaurant.
Their names are –

Lassi with strawberry flavour
Lassi with peach flavour
Lassi with mango flavour.
Question 5.
Which are your favourite items? What is their price ?
My Favourite items are kesar badaam and kheer. Their prices are –
Kesar badaam – Rs. 80.00
Kheer. – Rs. 28.00

MP Board Solutions

Let’s Write

Maniya’s mother had to make all the arrangements for the trip to the Pench National Park. She has made a list of things to do. Complete the list.
Things to do

Ticket booking
luggage packing
taking raw materials for food
arranging a video camera
a music system.
(B) Look at the picture carefully.
MP Board Class 8th Special English Chapter 6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack 3
Write a paragraph with the help of the following clues:

Park, parents, sister, girls, hawker, mangoes, balloon, trees, newspaper, ball, icecream, children, skip, buy, eat etc.
In the morning I go to a nearby park for morning walk with my parents. Even in the early morning it is a very busy place. Hawkers begin to set their thelas outside the park. Girls skip. Children play different games and sports. My sister swings and my little brother flies kites. Some persons read newspaper sitting on the bench in the open air. Some persons do yogas and run along the ground. I like to walk and jog. It is nice and pleasant to be there enjoying nature in full.

How Mowgli Joined the Pack Word Meanings

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