Bihar Board Class 10 English Reader Solutions Chapter 2 Allergy

Bihar Board Class 10th English Book Solutions Panorama English Reader Part 2 Chapter 2 Allergy- NCERT पर आधारित Text Book Questions and Answers Notes, pdf, Summary, व्याख्या, वर्णन में बहुत सरल भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है.

Bihar Board Class 10 English Reader Solutions Chapter 2 Allergy

Question 1.
What are the symptoms that tell you that you are suffering from any allergic disease? What precaution would you take to overcome it?
When the secure and free system of human body fails to function normally for some time causing terrible reactions against usually harmless
substances in our natural surroundings, it may be called “allergens”. Such .. reaction causes inflammation which in tum can lead to various, symptoms, such as hay fever, eczema, asthma and other conditions popularly referred to as allergies.

As a precautionary measure against the violent reaction of allergies, we must carefully adopt the following measures:—
(a) to wear pollen masks while moving on the grass or doing house cleaning.
(b) We should not allow indoor plants, animals wet clothes and leather, producing pollution and making the surroundings dirty.
(c) In spring season keep windows and door closed.
(d) Wash bedsheets, carpets, and other clothes at short intervals.
(e) In case if one can afford he should use airconditioner in the house and car. as well as air filter and dehumidifier.

Question 2.
Which type of common allergic diseases are generally found in children of 0-6 years of age?
Genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the allergic diseases generally found in children of 0-6 years of age. They suffer mostly. due to the aforesaid reasons and become victims of the allergic diseases causing a number of diseases due to it.

Question 3.
What is allergy march? Explain.
In the beginning, allergy often appear in favorable and peaceful conditions in the primary period (age) such as hay fever. It is true that many people gradually develop allergic conditions over many years before they experience any symptoms relating to it. Sometimes, unfortunately, a certain food or drug or an ordinary insect-bite becomes the cause of sudden life-threatening which start as eczema or gastrointestinal problem. Such condition. turns into asthma involving respiratory symptoms.

Therefore this direct path of development is widely referred to as the allergy march.

Question 4.
Name some particular disease which is caused due to weather. Also, mention its remedial measures.
There are certain diseases which are caused due to weather. Some of such diseases are eczema or gastrointestinal problems, asthma, inflammation, etc.
The remedial measures for such diseases is (i) to wear a pollen mask, (ii) to stay indoors in the morning when the pollen count is at its highest
degree and on windy days (iii) to keep the doors and windows closed during 1. heavy pollination season etc.

Question 5.
Can allergic reactions be life-threatening? Name a few of such instances of allergy.
Sometimes allergic reactions can be life-threatening. It becomes fatal if proper precaution is not being taken. As for example eczema, gastro:
intestinal problems, asthma hay fever, etc. are such sort of life-threatening diseases mainly develop due to allergic reactions.

Question 6.
Suggest a few possible ways to avoid allergy.
It is better to avoid the allergic condition than to cure it through medicines and other remedial measures after inviting it due to our negligence. There is a proverb “Prevention is better than cure.”
We must adopt the following measures to avoid allergy:—
(a) Suggestions to avoid allergens.
(i) Wear a pollen mask when moving on the grass or doing house leaning.
(ii) Stay indoors in the morning (when the pollution is at its highest), and on windy days.
(iii) Read and understand food labels (for people with food allergy), just to save from taking contaminated foodstuff.
(iv) Keep windows and doors closed during heavy pollination seasons.
(v) Keep indoor plants and other sources of mildew away from home.
(vi) Don’t allow danger-producing animals in the house.
(vii) Wash sheets, mattress pad, and blankets weekly in hot water (at least 1300F).
(viii) Use physical (insecticide chemical), acaricide or á tannic acid solution.

(b) Some measures for those who can afford:
(i) Use the air-conditioner in the house and car
(ii) Use air fitters.
(iii) Use a dehumidifier.

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